Equine Career Fair 2015

Equine Career Fair 2015

Interested participants, please register here!

Sue Cunningham Dressage Seminar

For those interested in becoming Dressage Judge, or those who are looking to improve on their dressage knowledge, the EFS will be hosting a course run by Sue Cunningham from Equestrian Australia. This course is based on the EA model of dressage judging which is registered worldwide.

Date: 20 November 2015
Time: 09:00 to 17:00 (including practical judging course)
Course fee: $150.00 per person
Closing date: 16 November 2015

This course is open to all interested dressage participants – riders, potential judges, scribers, and will consist of both theory and practical sessions.

EFS Sports Development Survey

The EFS Sports Development Survey is now live online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EFSSportsDevelopment and will remain open for two weeks.

The anonymous survey is hosted at www.surveymonkey.com. It would be most appreciated if everyone involved in equestrianism in any way in Singapore could please take 5 minutes to complete the survey so the compiled data may be used to develop and improve our equestrian community for all.

Please do participate!

Annual Equestrian League 2015/16

The dates for the second half of the 2015/16 season have been released. Please find the full competition calendar here.

Sports Development Presentation

Recently, Sports Development Director Laura Richardson held a talk outlining the development of Equestrian sport in Singapore. Please find the slides available for download here.

FEI World Dressage Challenge 2015

The National Equestrian Centre will be hosting the FEI World Dressage Challenge on 24 October 2015. The judges for this year will be Mr Freddy Leyman (BEL) and Mr Carlos Lopes (POR).

Please find the following available for download:

Annual Equestrian League 2015/16

The Annual Equestrian League standings have been updated through the STCRC Inter-Club Competition, and may be downloaded here.

Riders are also reminded to submit their rider’s registration forms if they have yet to do so for 2015.

Annual Equestrian League 2014/15

Please find the Annual Equestrian League Standings 2014/2015, updated through the National Jumping Finals, available for download here.

This marks the end of the 2014/15 season. If there are any questions regarding the calculation of points for the season, please contact us.

FEI Dressage Educative Event

The FEI Dressage Educative Event was initiated by the FEI in 2014 to help developing NFs grow and manage the discipline of Dressage in a sustainable manner. It is designed to educate judges and coaches to the benefit of athletes, based on the FEI World Dressage Challenge system of tests.

This course consists of 4 days of activities—3 days of clinics with a judge and a coach, and ends with a 1-day training competition. It is open to coaches, judges and riders, who will each have different sessions with their instructors.

Date: 3 – 6 October 2015
Venue: National Equestrian Centre / Singapore Polo Club

Please contact info@efs.org.sg for more information.

FEI World Dressage Challenge 2015

The Bukit Timah Saddle Club will be offering a day of dressage during the FEI World Jumping Challenge (Round 2) on 17 October 2015. As such, the qualifying deadline for the FEI World Dressage Challenge has been extended to include that date. Please find the updated qualifying guidelines here.

Additionally, please find the list of currently qualified horse/rider combinations (highlighted in yellow), updated through the SPC Jubilee Weekend Show, here.