Equestrian Annual League Results 2015 – 2016

Please find the list of winners below for the final Annual League Standings 2015-2016. Kindly contact us should there be any questions or mistakes in the computation of standings.

Annual League Standings 2015-2016 DressageResults_website

Annual League Standings 2015-2016 JumpingResults_website

Congratulations to all the winners!


  • FEI Big Tour: Katherine Desbailets
  • FEI Small Tour: Audrey Njoto
  • Advance: Catrina Laird
  • Medium: Hannah Brown
  • Elementary: Amanda Fisher
  • Novice: Alyssa Tan
  • Preliminary: Clara Kong
  • Dressage Rider of the Year: Audrey Njoto
  • Dressage Junior of the Year: Hannah Sheehy
  • School Rider of the Year: Alyssa Tan
  • Dressage Horse of the Year: Come Along Bustrup (Owned by Audrey Njoto)


  • 140cm: Camellia Paulsen
  • 130cm: Predrag Marjanovic
  • 120cm: Camellia Paulsen
  • 110cm: Hannah Brown
  • 100cm: Tia Gabler
  • 90cm: Nicky Conrad
  • Jumping Rider of the Year: Camellia Paulsen
  • Jumping Junior of the Year: Kenza David
  • School Rider of the Year: Nicky Conrad
  • Jumping Horse of the Year: Cupido 68 (Owned by Camellia Paulsen)